Enjoy these Videos of The Cabin Club's Transformation

This Shawnigan Lake Property has been in our family since 1904 (see our history page)  Four Generations of the Clay then Ellis and Avery families have enjoyed summers at Shawnigan.  We now rent one cabin to pay the taxes and maintenance it takes to keep them. In the beginning our Great Grandfather and our Great Aunts had to row down the lake from the government wharf to the property before the road was built.  The original summer cottage burned down in 1947 and Helen and Jack Clay had the two existing cabins built in 1948 and 1949 that still stand today.  Over the years each generation has added to the original cabins with new decks and porches and various upgrades.  The water is pulled from the lake and over the years it has become undrinkable.  It is safe to swim in and there are many wildlife living in and around the lake. Over the years we have added, a new bathroom, a new deck, a new roof and sky lights to brighten the kitchen living room and the deck.  Along with new furnishings each season. You can fish for bass and trout and you will see the odd crawfish as well.  There are many birds such as eagle, swallows and crows and many others.  You may see many deer some mink, otter and the odd raccoon but if they hear you, you won't see them.  The following two videos show the changes that have taken place over the years.  
2017 Version
2015 Version
2012 Version