Credit Card Payments:  

When sending payments, please enter the amount. Funds will be processed in Canadian dollars. Payee is DE Consulting.

Please note if you wish to pay by Credit Card instead of INTERAC e-transfer there is an additional 3% + $0.30 transaction fee added on to your payment in Canada.  

Paying from the US the fees are 4.5% + .30 cents per transaction. You can either Pay $200 in US funds or if paying a deposit  = $212

fax agreement: 1 888-652-8308

To Pay A Deposit or Balance

  1. Click on the Pay Now Button >>

  2. On the next screen, Description "DE Consulting" specify the payment amount in "Price Per Item" do not enter a $ sign. Qty = 1  click "Continue".

  3. You can pay using your PayPal Account or 

  4. A PayPal account is not necessary. scroll down to Select "Pay with a credit card"

  5. Next screen fill in your credit card information and billing information

  6. Check Privacy Policy and select "Pay Now"



Interac Email Payments:

To send an Interac E-transfer using your online bank account, simply send your e-transfer to

Please send us the security answer separately. 

PayPal Email Payments:

To send a payment via PayPal without using the button above, log in to PayPal then email the funds to  

Mail Cheques to: 

c/o Payee:  Barb Gardiner
2298 Macfarlane Crsc.
Shawnigan Lake BC V0R 2W1

fax agreement: 1 888-652-8308